Some traditions of Australia include:

Christmas at the beach!

One of the holiday traditions that are unique to Australia is Christmas. Christmas in Australia varies with other countries holiday, this can be partly due to the fact that Christmas is celebrated in the summer.

Families celebrate Christmas together with relays in swimming pools, water gun fights, or backyard cricket.

Instead of the usual Christmas scene of snow, reindeer's and cookies and milk left by the fire, Father Christmas is usually pictured in a swimming costume and a cool drink is left out for him by children at night. Christmas decorations are not as heavy as in some cultures, but two traditional plants are used for this occasion: The New South Wales Christmas bush and Christmas bells.
The NSW Christmas bush


Anzac Day       

Anzac day, held on the 25th of April, stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps .

The holiday is set aside to honor Australians who have died in wars and is probably considered the most important national occasion and tradition.

 Veterans celebrate this special day by marching through the streets of cities in the morning and sharing drinks and memories in the afternoon.

 Commemorative ceremonies begin at dawn and are held at war memorials around the country of Australia. During the day, the ceremonies always include an introduction, a hymn, a prayer, and address, laying of wreaths, recitation, a period of silence, and the National Anthem.